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Caring for South Africa's health insurance needs since 2005.

Corporate Profile

Established in 2005, Essential Med offers affordable medical insurance products in South Africa. We specialise in healthcare cover ranging from day-to-day benefits and hospital plans to comprehensive cover. Our aim is to ensure that the natural flow of our members' lives aren't interrupted by the hassles and hardships of health-related issues. We want you to have access to quality healthcare when you need it most. Essential Med doesn't believe in following the crowd, we want to lead. That's why we are committed to constant improvement, product development and excellent service.

Fresh thinking:

It is Essential Med's quest to ensure that the natural flow of your life is as uninterrupted as possible by the hassles and hardships of health-related issues.

Therefore, Essential Med will continually invest resources into the research and development of our medical insurance policies and products.

The same energy is invested into the constant and critical assessment and improvement of Essential Med's service as well as the service provided by our strategic partners.

Agile delivery:

Essential Med's strategic partners have been carefully selected to ensure the seamless delivery of quality products and services.

We offer value-for-money healthcare insurance that does not compromise on quality, is not difficult to understand, is easily managed and is scalable (choice of policy options) based on the unique needs of you and your family.

Open communication:

Knowledge is power and therefore it is by design that Essential Med empowers its clients with information and advice on health-related issues and product information on medical insurance and cover.

This website is a great resource for general and professional content and we welcome contact and interaction on our Facebook page and Twitter profile.

Visit our health advice and info page now and fan us on Facebook.

Personal service:

The Essential Med team is always available to assist and advise you; all our staff are trained and incentivised on product knowledge and quality service standards.

Essential Med appreciates that very often the reasons for your engagement with us are sensitive and challenging due to health-related issues therefore our team have the empathy and professionalism to assist you as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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