Key Features

Hospital cover from Essential Med allows you to live your life with complete peace of mind, knowing that in an emergency you will get the assistance you need and deserve.

At a time where everything can feel insignificant, the last thing you want is more stress regarding the cost of medical assistance, or having to be transported around to other facilities.

Essential Med allows you to make use of any private hospital around South Africa, and our list of hospital benefits is staggering.

Whether you are in an accident or need emergency services, you will be covered with no waiting period – while there are three benefit levels for you to choose from so that you can find the option that is most affordable to you.

Hospitalisation is also covered, and includes cover for stated procedures in the event that you need treatment for a hernia, appendectomy, miscarriage or even a hysterectomy.

The comprehensive list of benefits continues with Maternity and Casual Ward cover, along with cover for Dread Disease and Permanent Disability. Should you ever be in the position that you need specialised care in ICU, you will also be covered.

This, coupled with our medical cover benefits such as unlimited GP visits and dentistry, allows for a complete package that is fitted to your lifestyle, and pocket.

By allowing you to build your own cover, Essential Med can provide medical insurance that is as unique as you are, so chat to us today to find out more about the hospital benefits offered.

Hospital Cover Includes

Accident Hospitalisation

While there might not be much we can do to avoid suffering an accident, barring locking ourselves in our homes, Essential Med allows you to take reasonable precautions against the expenses associated with them.

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Accident Hospitalisation

From a broken bone to needing stitches, accidents which leave you too injured to work can be more costly than just the treatment required to restore your good health. If you can’t work then, for most people, you can’t earn — which means the total cost can become really high for something you had no control over.

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Illness Hospitalisation

Falling ill isn’t something that anyone plans for. Add to this the stress that goes with hospitalisation, treatment bills, and the overall expense can sneak up surprisingly quickly.

Decades of studies by academic institutions the world over have shown how psychological stress negatively impacts health and recovery. Essential Med’s medical cover illness benefits are the simple and  affordable way to get maximum cover, determined by you.

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You’ve received the good news – your family is going to grow and you are preparing to welcome a new bundle of joy into your household.

Whether you are expecting for the first time, or have already gone through the process before, pregnancy and the birth of a child is an indescribable feeling.

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Emergency Casualty Visits

There’s nothing scarier than a sudden emergency which requires immediate attention, but preparation in advance can make the difference between recovery and disaster. At Essential Med you are assured of getting fast access to a high quality medical facility when you need it most.

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Dread Disease

Dread disease cover is uniquely important in South Africa for several reasons, not the least of which is that it was actually invented by Dr Marius Barnard, the brother of famed local surgeon Dr Chris Barnard. Chris Barnard performed the world’s first human-to-human heart transplant in 1967, so these two local pioneers understood a lot about health needs in the country, as well as how to deliver on them.

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Permanent Disability

Suffering a life changing disability isn’t something that anyone wants to think about, but it’s important to give it a few moments of your time. Should the worst happen and you were to lose a limb you’d need to consider more than just rehabilitation in order to get mobile again, you’d also need to think about how it might affect your ability to earn an income.

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ICU Care

No one wants to visit the local intensive care unit (ICU) until the day they need to. South Africa’s private medical sector is on par with many first world countries and the standard of care is excellent — it’s getting access to it when you need it that can be costly. Receiving skilled critical care can be the difference between recovery or relapse, which is why Essential Med gives you access to some of the most affordable, quality ICU care options in the health insurance market.

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Funeral Benefits

The funeral industry in South Africa is largely unregulated, which means that it’s very difficult to plan on specific expenses. What you can count on, however, is that it’s far more expensive than many people think and those costs keep rising. The average casket or coffin retails for around R8 000 these days, while some of the fanciest models on the market go for nearly R50 000 — and that’s just the beginning.

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