Pathology & Radiology

Unlimited access to basic blood tests and x-rays on our Day-to-Day cover.
Not every doctor has X-Ray vision. Fortunately, the X-Ray machine was invented instead. They also invented clever ways to learn all sorts of things from your blood. That’s why we cover both, so your doctor can learn better what is going on inside you and get you back to your awesome healthy self.

Pathology & Radiology Benefit Includes

Unlimited black & white, single or double sided X-Rays from a radiologist
Unlimited basic blood tests from a pathologist
No network, you only need a referral from a network doctor
1 month waiting period

MRI and CT scans are not covered under the Day-to-Day benefit, they may be covered under specific Hospital benefits though.

One ultrasound per trimester for the first two trimesters is covered during pregnancy.


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