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Emergency Casualty Visits

Emergency Casualty Visits Cover

Access to after-hours emergency casualty rooms at a hospital
Illness doesn't keep office hours. This benefit grants you access to hospital casualty rooms for those emergencies when your GP is not available. Weekends, after work, whenever trouble strikes, you’ve got cover that lets you get medical attention when you need it like now.

Benefit Includes

No Hospital Network
No hospital network
After-hours access for emergencies
3 levels of cover to choose from
Waiting Period
1 month waiting period

Pre-authorisation is required to access this benefit.

Choose from 3 Levels of Cover

Level 1
  • Annual overall limit of R2000 per policy
Level 2
  • Annual overall limit of R4000 per policy
Level 3
  • Annual overall limit of R6000 per policy

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