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Day-to-Day Cover

Stay healthy. Stay awesome.

Our day-to-day benefits are designed to give you access to private healthcare at an affordable rate.

At EssentialMED, sick days won’t leave you feeling down in the dumps. You get unlimited managed visits to network doctors and dentists. You get unlimited access to acute and chronic formulary medication. You get unlimited basic radiology and pathology. You get eye-tests and glasses. We get to help keep you healthy. Win.

Unlimited managed visits to your doctor or dentist. Unlimited formulary medication. No limit on how you look after your health.

Included in Day-to-Day Cover

Day-to-Day Cover starts at

R 445.50 Monthly - Single member
R 669.00 Monthly - Single + 1 (Family)

Our Network

A Network that works

Wherever you are, whenever you are there – EssentialMED’s massive network of contracted healthcare providers will ensure that world-class private care is always within reach.

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