Key Features

At Essential Med, sick days won’t leave you feeling down in the dumps. Our excellent day-to-day cover will ensure you are up and running in no time, with access to doctors and the medication  you need, when you need it most!

Whether winter has tried to suffocate you with flu, or spring has you sneezing 24/7, you can combat the symptoms quickly, instead of allowing them to worsen.

We have carefully structured our day-to-day benefits so that you get the maximum care at an affordable rate.

Visits to the GP no longer have to be a cost concern, as you get managed visits to network-registered GP’s as many times as you need – and medication is included! You will require authorisation after the 5th visit for individual members and the 12th visit for families. This managed approach helps us give you clinical assistance, should you need it.

Should you require acute or chronic medication, these will be covered as long as they are linked to your doctor consultation, or are collected with a script at one of our linked pharmacies. A pre-authorised monthly amount can also be registered for when it comes to chronic, though it is important to note that there will be a waiting period, unless mentioned otherwise on your policy.

The list of benefits continues, with unlimited basic radiology and pathology, dentistry, optometry and specialist cover at various benefit levels.

Although we recommend that you make use of our network of registered doctors, if you choose to visit a doctor out of the network, we will reimburse you with a certain amount toward the cost of the visit.

Fight illness with confidence by enjoying comprehensive day-to-day cover from Essential Med.

Day-to-Day Cover Includes

GP Visits

With Essential Med you’re able to visit your chosen network-registered GP as many times as you need to, and at no additional cost. In fact, we want you to see your GP as much as possible — because prevention is better than cure.

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GP Visits

One of the primary reasons South Africans look into health cover is because of the escalating prices of a simple consultations with their general practitioner (GP). Medical costs are soaring in the country and old fashioned insurance models, which lock a member into an expansive policy with expensive benefits which they may not really need, aren’t the flexible solution that’s needed in the current economy.

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Acute & Chronic Medication

Acute or chronic conditions are those which tend to last for a period longer than three months, which means that they need specialised, long-term treatment. They can come on quite suddenly with very little warning, or symptoms can build up gradually over time. Whichever way it happens it can be an unpleasant change to your lifestyle, but it can be controlled with a little planning and the addition of acute and chronic medication allowances on your health insurance policy.

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Pathology & Radiology

Working out what an underlying cause of a symptom might be is not always a straightforward matter. Your GP will quite often listen to your description of your symptoms and take a look at any exhibited physical symptoms as well, and then be able to take a highly educated prediction as to what the cause might be. Sometimes, however, your GP may not be able to come up with an exact answer, but if they suspect a certain cause they’ll send you to a radiologist or a pathologist for a more thorough examination.

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Don’t let dental bills turn your perfect smile turn into a frown; choose dental cover from Essential Med and keep your teeth in perfect condition without concern.

When taking up medical insurance with dental cover through Essential Med, you get managed unlimited dentist consultations and procedures from an Essential Med network registered provider.

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Specialist Visits

It’s just a fact of life that specialists cost a lot of money. They train for around thirteen years within a very specific area of the medical field, which means that they only really get to start making their own money far later in life than the rest of us. It’s not only their unique training which we’re paying for though, they also have access to specialised equipment which your GP won’t, in order to diagnose and treat ailments.

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Over the last few years, various studies have shown that South Africans are struggling to afford the optometry care that they need, which can lead to increased vision problems in the long-term for the country.

Everyone knows that prescription glasses are expensive and sometimes they can seem like a luxury you can’t afford. The truth is that failing to replace your glasses every few years can indeed harm your eyes further.

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Funeral Cover

The funeral industry in South Africa is largely unregulated, which means that it’s very difficult to plan on specific expenses. What you can count on, however, is that it’s far more expensive than many people think and those costs keep rising. The average casket or coffin retails for around R8 000 these days, while some of the fanciest models on the market go for nearly R50 000 — and that’s just the beginning.

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