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Intensive Care Unit Cover

This benefit is in addition to the Hospital benefit and adds higher cover for higher ICU costs.
When things get serious, you might need the machine that goes ping. ICU wards have a lot of expensive equipment in them and as a result tend to cost more than a normal hospital stay. The Hospitalisation benefit alone might not be enough to cover it so the ICU benefit takes that extra burden away with stated amounts to cover any extra costs.

ICU Benefit Includes

5 Consecutive
Covers up to 5 consecutive days
Optional benefit with 2 levels of cover
Waiting Period
3 month waiting period

The benefit is in addition to the daily Hospitalisation Benefit. ICU costs are claimed under the ICU benefit first and additional costs may then apply to the Hospitalisation benefit.

ICU costs incurred as a result of an Accident Event are claimed under the Accident Hospitalisation benefit.

Choose from 2 Levels of Cover

Level 1
  • R12 500 per member per day
Level 2
  • R20 000 per member per day

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