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Specialist Cover

Even doctors like to phone a friend
Specialists are highly trained doctors who have honed their skills in a specific area or discipline, like urology, dermatology, cardiology and hematology. All these 'ologies can make them essential to the proper diagnosis and treatment of complicated or serious conditions. We've got them covered so you've got them covered.

Specialist Benefit Includes

No specialist network, see any practicing physician
Waiting Period
3 months waiting period
3 levels of cover to choose from

To see a specialist on our benefit, you must be referred by a network GP.
The benefit is limited to an annual amount per policy.

Choose from 3 Levels of Cover

Level 1
  • R1 000 per policy per year
Level 2
  • R1 500 per policy per year
Level 3
  • R2 000 per policy per year

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