Key Features

One of the best ways for employers to attract and retain their top talent is to offer an enticing medical cover package. Talent is hard to come by no matter what industry you’re in and when you find it you need to hang on to it. Health insurance is certainly one item which tops most people’s list.

There’s more to it than that, of course. Helping to keep your employees healthy in whatever way you can makes good business sense and is the right thing to do. Absenteeism through sick leave costs the South African economy over 50 billion Rand per year. Giving your employees the cover they need to combat illness before it takes them off work is the smart thing to do, for you and for them.

The best group medical product is the one that fits your industry perfectly, covering the areas where you are most at risk and ignoring those that aren’t relevant. For this reason Essential Med provides a highly flexible group health insurance product that lets you decide which benefits are best suited to your industry specific needs. Our experienced consultants can even suggest certain options based on a wealth of data collected over the years.

Contact Essential Med today to find out how you can maintain a strong and healthy workforce, reduce absenteeism and give your company an enticing advantage over competitors.

Group Cover Includes

Entice and retain top talent with attractive employee medical benefits

Reduce absenteesim related to sick leave

A product you can tailor to cover industry specific health risks

Industry specific medical cover

Your business is unique. So too should your employees’ medical cover benefits be. Tailor a medical cover product to offer your employees that suits your industry specific needs. Cover the areas where your people are at risk and ignore those that are not relevant. It’s your choice.