It’s just a fact of life that specialists cost a lot of money. They train for around thirteen years within a very specific area of the medical field, which means that they only really get to start making their own money far later in life than the rest of us. It’s not only their unique training which we’re paying for though, they also have access to specialised equipment which your GP won’t, in order to diagnose and treat ailments.

Essential Med allows for custom medical insurance packages which can cover these additional costs since they are often not covered through conventional insurance. Additional benefit options like dentistry, optometry, the use of an anaesthetist and other specialists can be selected to ensure that you aren’t left holding the bag should you need to get in touch with an expert in a particular field. There are also various benefit levels to choose from when signing up for this advanced form of cover.

Once you’ve applied specialist cover to your policy, it takes 90 days before the cover is fully active, so it’s really important to get signed up before you actually need to use it. Specialist costs can be exorbitant, with a single consultation costing twice as much as a trip to your GP, and if you need more than a simple consult then those costs stack quickly.

Get the health insurance you need at a price you can afford today with Essential Med.