Working out what an underlying cause of a symptom might be is not always a straightforward matter. Your GP will quite often listen to your description of your symptoms and take a look at any exhibited physical symptoms as well, and then be able to take a highly educated prediction as to what the cause might be. Sometimes, however, your GP may not be able to come up with an exact answer, but if they suspect a certain cause they’ll send you to a radiologist or a pathologist for a more thorough examination.

Radiologists make use of specialised equipment including x-rays, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear medicine, positron emission tomography (PET), fusion imaging and ultrasound. They undergo additional training for years to manage the use of radiation in order to determine an underlying cause of illness or injury.

Pathology can be separated into several individual methods for determining underlying causes including genetics, hematology, immunology and microbiology.

With Essential Med health insurance you’re given unlimited basic radiology and pathology access linked to doctor visits, when referred by your GP. A 30 day waiting period typically applies before this benefit becomes active, and out of network visits are also supported through a contribution towards the cost. Check your policy for the exact details pertaining to your individual cover.

In order to get the best and most effective medical treatment it’s essential to know exactly what the health issue may be, which is why Essential Med offers generous radiology and pathology benefits.