Over the last few years, various studies have shown that South Africans are struggling to afford the optometry care that they need, which can lead to increased vision problems in the long-term for the country.

Everyone knows that prescription glasses are expensive and sometimes they can seem like a luxury you can’t afford. The truth is that failing to replace your glasses every few years can indeed harm your eyes further.

Over time our existing prescription starts failing to meet our evolving needs. This will lead to your glasses ultimately blurring your vision instead of enhancing it. Many forms of medical aids don’t provide much in the way of a solution for optometry needs, but at Essential Med we provide a full range of policy benefits which you can select from to ensure that your vision is maintained. Benefits start at one eye test per beneficiary every 24 months, and one set of white standard frames and lenses.

Additional benefit levels include bi-focal and contact lenses. There is a 12-month waiting period from the time you select the policy, unless otherwise stated on your policy schedule. Failing to keep up with the changing needs of your eyes can also lead to headaches and an impaired ability to drive, so be sure to take a look at our comprehensive medical insurance offering today.