Falling ill isn’t something that anyone plans for. Add to this the stress that goes with hospitalisation, treatment bills, and the overall expense can sneak up surprisingly quickly.

Decades of studies by academic institutions the world over have shown how psychological stress negatively impacts health and recovery. Essential Med’s medical cover illness benefits are the simple and  affordable way to get maximum cover, determined by you.

Just the simple act of paying for a hospital bed in South Africa can run into thousands of Rands per day, and that’s before you even begin to look at the costs associated with your treatment. Essential Med’s daily illness benefits, careful case management through our dedicated team, will ensure that you are getting back to your usual healthy self and not worrying about unpaid hospital accounts.

Unlike more traditional, static medical cover plans, Essential Med allows you to customise your illness benefits to ensure that they cover either your minimum or maximum needs, and always suit your pocket.

With comprehensive benefits available you’ll finally be able to rest assured that, should illness strike you or your family, you won’t be placed under massive financial strain. For the modern South African who demands tailored medical insurance, Essential Med has you covered.