No one wants to visit the local intensive care unit (ICU) until the day they need to. South Africa’s private medical sector is on par with many first world countries and the standard of care is excellent — it’s getting access to it when you need it that can be costly. Receiving skilled critical care can be the difference between recovery or relapse, which is why Essential Med gives you access to some of the most affordable, quality ICU care options in the health insurance market.

If you need to be admitted to ICU or High Care facilities you can get up to R12 500 or even R20 000 additional cover if you’ve selected this option on your policy. Within the ICU, critically injured or ill patients are cared for by highly trained staff who are familiar with their type of medical condition. In an ICU you’ll find doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, clinical nurse specialists, pharmacists and many other experts.

Beyond specialised equipment and staff, an ICU is unique in how closely patients are monitored and tended to. The critically injured require maximum attention at all times, which is why they’re also typically connected to machines which monitor their heart, blood pressure and respiratory rate.

A 90-day waiting period is applicable only to illness related admissions to the ICU; for accidents, there is no waiting period. Get the right health insurance for your needs today and only pay for what suits your lifestyle, at Essential Med