Suffering a life changing disability isn’t something that anyone wants to think about, but it’s important to give it a few moments of your time. Should the worst happen and you were to lose a limb you’d need to consider more than just rehabilitation in order to get mobile again, you’d also need to think about how it might affect your ability to earn an income.

Almost any job out there requires the use of your arms or legs to some degree. This means that a disability not only limits your freedom of movement, but can really impact your ability to sustain your current lifestyle — and that’s after any surgery or medical treatment costs you might accumulate. It sounds terrible but there are extremely well thought out options at Essential Med designed to cover and protect you from all that stress.

Select from multiple health insurance benefit options including bulk pay-outs in the event that you, or your spouse should you include them in your policy, suffer a disability. Get a R200 000 or R250 000 bulk sum to help with the associated costs which come after your hospitalisation. You’re covered immediately and your spouse would have a six month waiting period should this option be selected.

Going through a life changing event like this can cause a great deal of stress and the last thing any of us need is to cope with rapidly accumulating medical bills for post-hospitalisation care on top of that. Contact Essential Med today and get the cover and peace of mind you demand from your health insurance policy.