From a broken bone to needing stitches, accidents which leave you too injured to work can be more costly than just the treatment required to restore your good health. If you can’t work then, for most people, you can’t earn — which means the total cost can become really high for something you had no control over.

While there might not be much we can do to avoid suffering an accident, barring locking ourselves in our homes, Essential Med allows you to take reasonable precautions against the expenses associated with them.

Emergency medical services are included in the generous benefits of your Essential Med policy.

With a wide range of benefit levels designed to suit any pocket and still provide extensive relief from hospitalisation and treatment expenses, there’s a solution for every South African.

Fully customise your accident medical insurance the way you’ve always wanted to by selecting benefits you need and dropping those you don’t, for personalised cover you can afford, and the first class service you deserve.

An accident is always unexpected, but they tend to happen when we can least afford them, so let us help you get back on your feet while taking the stress of extremely expensive hospitalisation away so you can get on the road to recovery.