Get medical cover from R425 per month

The life of a single parent is stressful enough, so remove the burden of medical concerns with Essential Med.

Dealing with the needs of a growing child, while still having to work and take on a variety of other costs means that your time and budget is limited. Whether you or your child fall ill, the cost can put tremendous strain on your monthly budget, which is why we have built a plan that perfectly fits your needs.

This comprehensive cover offers the basic day-to-day benefits and hospital cover that caters for both you and your child, with access to doctors around South Africa as and when you need it.

Check out the full list of benefits below:

Day-to-Day Cover

GP Visits

Unlimited Managed

Cost of GP consultations within the Essential Med GP Network is covered under this benefit. 30 day waiting period is applicable.

Acute/Chronic Medication

Unlimited Acc To Formulary

Acute Medication: The extensive Essential Med Acute Medication Formulary is applicable. 30 day waiting period applies.

Chronic Medication: An extensive list of chronic medication is available in the event of you being diagnosed with a chronic condition. The Essential Med Chronic Medication Formulary is applicable. 6 month waiting period applies.

Over-the-Counter(OTC) Benefit: Sometimes you don’t need to go to a doctor to know that you have the flu – OTC meds will help alleviate the symptoms. Give us a call and we will authorise OTC meds for you. 30 day waiting period applies. R100 limit per month.

Pathology & Radiology

Included As Standard Benefit

Should your doctor require you to have blood tests or X-rays done, an extensive list of covered items is available. 30 day waiting period applies.

Hospital Cover

Accident Hospitalisation

Benefit Level 1

Cover to the amount of R75 000 per event for single policyholder with Annual Overall Limit (AOL) of R150 000. R150 000 per event for families subject to AOL of R300 000. No waiting period applicable.

Emergency Casualty Visits

Benefit Level 1

For those after hour emergencies that are never planned for and don’t require admission, we offer generous cover to help pay for costs at Casualty Rooms up to R2000 in total per annum. No waiting period applies in cases of accident – 30 day waiting period if due to illness.

Funeral Benefits

Funeral Policy - 3m Waiting

A Funeral Benefit of R10 000 will be paid out within 48 hours upon receipt of all required documentation. A 3 month waiting period is applicable to death due to natural causes. No waiting period in the event of death due to accident.

Enjoy each and every magical moment with your child, with the peace of mind that you are covered whenever medical needs arise. Choose the Single Parent Plan at Essential Med and on finalising your policy, our friendly consultants will help you tailor the plan to suit your specific needs.

* approximately – prices may vary on application based on choices