After indulging, who hasn’t stood at the bathroom sink, trying to brush, floss, and gargle away the dreaded garlic breath? Why, oh why, we wonder, does it seem to return, to haunt us long after the last bite has been consumed?


When you eat garlic you produce several sulfur-containing gases, but most of the sulfur-containing gases, with exception of one, allyl methyl sulfide, is the only one that is not metabolized, and this is why this gas can go back and be released in your mouth. It’s coming from the gut, not from the mouth, and that is what gives you the odor that you have after you eat garlic.

Allyl methyl sulfide aside, you can decrease the amount of sulfur-containing gases, created by garlic and other culprits, in your mouth by brushing your tongue, where many bacteria live.

Another solution would be to eat a teaspoon of mustard and swish it around your mouth for a few minutes.

You could also drink fluids like green tea or eat minty foods, gum or fresh parsley and you are good to go!