Having a steady routine in place for your child will give them a sense of stability, comfort and organization as kids don’t have a lot of control in their lives.


Doing things like bathing and brushing teeth in the morning and at night can help establish good personal hygiene and health habits. To pick up their toys before going to bed establishes responsibility and work ethic.

Routines provide security. Kids are likely to ask questions such as; “are we there yet?” or “When will we do this?” This means they want to know what’s coming next. Knowing what to expect will decrease anxiety and uncertainty in their lives.

Routines relieve stress. Knowing what to expect makes your feel less stressed and knowing how your day will go makes everything seem easier. Trying a new vegetable can be just as scary as a major life change as both things are unknown to a child.

Routines improve cooperation. If a child knows they need to do something at the same time every day, for example getting ready for school or leaving to go to school every morning, they are more likely to cooperate. This will also teach them to manage their time.  

Routines build self-confidence. If you have steady routines set up for your child, he or she can learn to accomplish tasks on their own while you do your own thing like making dinner. Compliment/praise him or her on their tasks, this will help establish responsibility.

Routines teach organization. Organization helps run life more smoothly. If they have a routine set up for putting their things away before bed time, they will know exactly where to find their belongings the next day.

Do not overwhelm your children with routines so they feel like they are kept in a box. Do not be so strict that they act out or feel like they don’t have any freedom, but also don’t be so relaxed that they think you are a pushover if they hit the right buttons. There is a fine line between the two; you just need to find the balance.

In spite of the best efforts a parent makes, it’s not always easy to make the right decisions all the time. Sometimes it’s easier to simply go along with your child’s wishes. A parent has to show love and affection, but it’s also necessary to be firm and to stick to the routines.

Being a kid is serious business nowadays. Times have changed and kids today can be almost as stressed out as their working parents.