In this economy you need to take more control over your and your family’s medical bills. In this day and age we cannot live without medical aids or medical insurance coverage. Here are a few tips to help you save on medical bills.


Shop for the best plan: When choosing a health plan, do not just choose the one with the lowest premiums. Remember that benefits can change every year and so can your family’s health. Make a list of your family’s average number of doctor visits per year, routine prescriptions, dental visits and monthly premiums. Compare what you will pay over an entire year for these items on each plan you have chosen.

Have a backup plan: If you are changing jobs and have to wait for your new medical aid to kick in, ask whether you can extend your policy from your old employer. If it is not possible to keep your old plan, buy a short-term family insurance plan so you’re never without coverage. Keep in mind that most medical aids and medical insurance companied have waiting periods.

Take advantage of the extras: Your health plan may offer things like discount on gym membership, movie tickets, health or legal advice, home assist and roadside assist. Keep an eye out for these, they are there for you to use.

Benefits: A lot of health insurance or medical aid companies have unlimited GP visits or a certain amount of GP visits or out of network doctor visits per year, choose a plan with great benefits so you will always be covered. Also keep an eye out for chronic medication or chronic disease coverage.

Bills and claiming: Your hospital or doctor bills may contain mistakes such as; an incorrect billing code, incorrect account number or incomplete information, so check your bills before submitting them to your insurance company to avoid claims getting rejected. Confirm your benefits to make sure you are fully covered.

Network: Before making an appointment, confirm whether or not your doctor is on your insurance plans network. If he is, your claim might be covered, if he is not, you will be liable for that account.

Get the list:Get a copy of your insurance company’s list of covered prescription and share it with your doctor. If your doctor knows what’s on your insurer’s list, he can select the best medication for you at the lowest price. Also, if your plan requires you to get a referral to a specialist, take your insurance plan’s preferred-provider list to your appointment. Your doctor can easily pick out the best specialist who participates in your plan.

Upfront about finance: Are you short on cash? Don’t be embarrassed to tell your doctor or dentist. He may be able to suggest less-costly treatment options or even agree to lower fees.

Regarding meds: Your doctor’s cupboards are full of free medicine samples, courtesy of the pharmaceutical industry. If you’re trying a new antibiotic or rash cream, your doctor may even have enough samples to cover your course of treatment.

Take preventative care about your and your family’s every day routines to prevent going to the doctor.

Do not spend money on unnecessary supplements, rather adopt a healthy eating plan and this way you will save money in the long run.

Generics are just as good as the name brands are and they are much cheaper.

Health insurance plans are more affordable than medical aids; be sure to know your benefits and choose a plan that is best for you and your family.