Your mind is your greatest ally or enemy at every moment. Your focus, your intention and your attitude drive your health and wellness. When you love yourself you will chose habits that show you how much you love yourself, such as exercise, healthy diet choices and surrounding yourself with others that treat you right. Feeling love from others starts with loving yourself. The vibration you put out into the world will be reflected in your surroundings.


Loving yourself improves your energy level, focus and helps every physical organ in your body to work better. A suggestion for days where you’re not feeling so self-loving is to create positive statements to repeat to focus your brain back to positivity.

Loving Yourself Tips:

  • Get adequate sleep
  • Seek calm and peace in yourself and the world;
  • Laugh and be happy and grateful daily;
  • Love yourself “and thy neighbor”;
  • Be creative regularly;
  • Seek time in nature doing natural things
  • Nurture your spirit with spiritual health because we are Spiritual beings leading human lives not Human beings leading spiritual lives.
  • Have the right thinking, attitude and mindset.
  • Have self-discipline

If you love yourself, you will always do what is right for you. You will take care of your body by exercising and eating right. You will reward yourself with time alone doing what you love: yoga, hiking, reading, playing with the kids, being with your partner, having a massage and being good to yourself.