Pilate’s combines strengthening with relaxation. This will lighten the load on your spine and joints by correcting muscular imbalances due to bad posture or misuse of certain muscles and reduce tension. You’ll rediscover your body’s natural movement patterns.


A refreshing mind and body workout:

By proper breathing, correct spinal alignment, and concentration on smooth, flowing movement, you become more in tune with your body. You will learn how to control its movement. Proper breathing is essential and can help reduce stress.


Proper alignment balances your skeleton so your muscles are held at the right length and without tension. When you exercise, use a mirror to check your alignment. Your feet must be in line with your knees and hips. Your shoulders must be level and your waist long.

  • The impact of gravity on your spine and joints will be reduces.
  • Correct body alignment will improve your posture.


You do not need any equipment in order to strengthen your body; in Pilates you use your own body weight to create resistance for your muscles and you will be left feeling more energized and relaxed.

You will be less likely to suffer from muscle and joints aches and pains.

  • It will boost your metabolism.
  • Pilates will reduce tension in the body.
  • It strengthens the body from the inside out, from your deep core muscles so they can support your body effectively.


Flexibility is essential for your overall fitness and vitality. Pilates make use of dynamic stretching; this means taking your body into and out of stretches repeatedly.

When you have good flexibility, your muscles have unrestricted movement.

  • Your muscles are free from tension.
  • You will have better blood circulation.
  • Your posture will improve.

Shaping and toning:

When you are exercising, be aware of lengthening your limbs, connecting your shoulders and controlling your breathing. You need to combine exercise with a proper diet for a better outcome.

  • Over time you will see a beautiful toned and lengthened body emerge.
  • Pilates will sculpt your waist and shoulders, tone your abdominals, arms, thighs and buttocks.

Stress relief:

Stress is a big negative factor in most of our lives, affecting our physical and mental wellbeing. Pilates focuses on breathing, the correct breathing pattern during exercise will make your feel calm in your body and mind.

  • Pilates releases endorphins which makes the body and mind feel more relaxed and positive.
  • Your sleep will improve as Pilates reduces stress.

Pilates is a great way of connecting with your core, if you practice Pilates after a long day at the office, you will feel calm, relaxed and positive as suppose to the rushed and stressed feeling most of us normally experience. Over time you will have a beautiful toned body, correct posture, your stress levels will be reduced and you will be more positive and ready to take on anything.