The art of less doing will help you reclaim your mind and to do the things you want to do by optimizing, automating and outsourcing everything in your life to be more effective.


Here are some recommendations for how you can be more effective starting today:

Track Everything

Nowadays it’s so easy to track everything we do, from the number of emails that we send each day to the calories we consume, and even the elements in our blood. When it comes to data, the less you understand the numbers, the more data you need. You can identify food sensitivities, the right level of sleep for you, how sex affects your immune system, and even what time of day you tend to do your best work.

Improving your sleep patterns is essential, combine that with a healthy and balanced diet and be sure to get regular exercise. This alone will reduce your stress levels, leaving you feeling better than ever!

Create an External Brain

There’s too much going on in everyone’s lives. We have responsibilities, information overload, and are constantly being pulled in multiple directions. We need a way to offload our ideas and thoughts.

If you have an idea, write it down or search about it to get more information. The idea needs to get out of your head as quickly a s possible so you can maintain your idea flow.

Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

I believe that everyone should work with a virtual assistant at some point in their life, because it is an educational process in terms of how to properly delegate. When you have to describe a task to someone you’ve never met and who has no idea the way you do things, that creates a very interesting parameter for forcing you to be as clear and concise as possible. If you struggle with something, ask for help, the problem will be solved quicker as appose to you struggling on your own.

Fuel Your Life

One of the most important changes you can make to your diet is to massively increase good fat intake. From coconut oil to pastured egg yolks to grass fed butter. These foods have a profound anti-inflammatory effect on the body. You will recover from exercise faster and performing on a higher mental level than before.

So there you have it, these aspects should be an essential part of your life in order for you to be more effective in your everyday rituals.