Summer days can be magical in South Africa. We are blessed with incredible weather, stunning beaches and an endless opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities. However, summer nights are not always as enjoyable, especially when the sunburn sets in.

At this point, all the fun fades into the background as you avoid the slightest contact with anything around you. You as still as possible, in the most comfortable position possible, while waiting for the pain to pass.

Of course it is best for you to always be conscious of the dangers of spending too much time exposed to the harsh UV rays of the sun. Prevention, in this regard, is always better than treatment.

However, chances are there will be days here and there where you are not properly prepared and the sun takes full advantage. In these circumstances, we have some home remedies that may just help you through the nightmare.

Prepare The Right Bath

Nothing is scarier than a bath or shower after suffering sunburn. The problem is, you may not be doing it right. Ditch the bubble bath and soap and opt for a cool bath. You can even mix in some baking soda and opt to air dry afterwards, as it can help reduce inflammation and itching.

Reach For The Veg

If all you have in the freezer is a pack of frozen peas, wrap it up in a damp cloth and hold it on the burn. Ideally, replace the peas with an actual ice pack, as this treatment can help reduce swelling. Moving the package around slowly is best to spread the coolness.

Stay Hydrated

To combat the drying effect of sunburn, you should drink plenty of water and also look for fruits such as watermelon, or cantaloupe to snack on.

Cool Off

The combination of water and ice is perfect for summer afternoons, and luckily it can be used on those dark and painful evenings too. Place water and ice in a bowl, soak a cloth in it and then place it over the burn. As the cloth warms, take it off and replace it. If you do this several times a day, it will help soothe the inflamed skin.

These remedies are ideal for dealing with lighter sunburn, but if you are feeling ill or have suffered a severe burn, it is best to seek medical advice. Although sunburn is unlikely to be life-threatening, you should never put yourself at risk. There are also numerous over the counter remedies available at pharmacies that will assist in alleviating pain and inflammation caused by sunburn.

And once you have suffered before, be sure not to make the same mistake again. Prevention against sunburn is easier than ever with a range of sun blocks and second skins. Allowing you to make the most of your summer, without having to worry too much about exposure to the sun.