Stress, worry and anxiety build up as we go through our days, and each new negative stimulus decreases our ability to react in a calm and rational way. These things happen, despite our best intentions to living a sane and serene life. Thankfully there’s a way to get through your day serenely from start to finish by building an arsenal of perspective and gratitude and avoiding negative impact of stressful interactions. Here’s how:

Wake with gratitude

Every morning when you wake, remember you are well and living in a safe place. Give your spouse, kid, and cat or dog a big kiss. If you are alone, be thankful you did not have a snoring partner or crying toddler wake you.

Drink water

Drink a glass of water when you wake up as our bodies are at their most dehydrated first thing in the morning which can make you feel irritable and foggy.

Eat a healthy breakfast

Hunger leads to temper tantrums so fuel your body with a healthy breakfast to fuel it properly. Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Face your fears

Do the task you are dreading to do first thing in the morning so it won’t take up so much of your mind and it will give you a sense of accomplishment to start the day.

Extend an olive branch

If you work with an annoying person that vexes you at every step, whether it’s your boss, your colleague or the cleaner, do something nice for them unexpected, whether it’s making them coffee or giving them a muffin, if you do something nice for others, your feelings toward them tend to change and you will feel better about yourself.

Take a break

Get up and take a walk or just do some stretches at your desk. Get your blood moving to avoid aches and pains and to lift your energy and spirit. By eating a healthy lunch, you will boost your mood.

What matters most

Keep photos of loved ones around your desk or on your phone. When the going gets tough, just focus on their happy, loving faces for an instant dose of serenity.

Leave work on time

If you haven’t procrastinated and you’ve accomplished difficult stuff early, you should be able to exit. Remember. This is your job and you are choosing to be there. Feeling like a victim will crush serenity.

Sweat off steam

Go to the gym or take a long walk to let off steam and release those endorphins instead. Don’t bring that negative energy into your home.

Focus on friends and family

Greet the ones you love, ask about their day, report something good about yours and feel the love.

Have a healthy dinner

Relax, savor and chew your food and be grateful for your meal.

Do something you enjoy

Take a bubble bath, call a friend, play with the kids, play with the dog, and watch a series or paint. Cherish your free time.

Organize and pick up

Wash the dishes, pack away the clothes, sort the mail, answer your emails, and make sure everything is in order in order for you to sleep more soundly.

Eight hours of restorative sleep is perhaps the best way to stay calm, relaxed and ready to take on a serene new day.