Pregnancy is a unique and special time in a woman’s life, and to ensure that you enjoy the best possible experience, it is essential to have pregnancy cover to cater for everything that you may need during this period.

The minute you get medical cover, it is important to take note of the pregnancy cover and how it will come into play once you receive the news that your family is expanding.

Many people leave this too late and have to endure unnecessary pressures during this period. That stress can take away from the entire experience, and may even leave you in an uncomfortable position of having shoulder a whole lot of added debt in a time where you will need to adjust your budget to cater for the needs of a new born.

Often, one does not fully understand all of the medical costs that come with pregnancy. However, good medical cover will provide you with access to quality doctors throughout the months leading up to the birth. Being unprepared in this area will see costs soar and could leave you in financial difficulties long before your child even enters the world.

With pregnancy cover, you will also receive a pay out to deal with the hospitalisation and birth, with different amounts catering for natural birth as well as C-sections.

Getting the cover long before you decide to have a child is important though, as there is often a waiting period, which can be 12 months, and if left too late, you will be forced to fund the entire process yourself.

Having this cover in place means that you can focus your own funds on preparing your home for the new arrival, as your new born will need clothes, nappies, furniture, strollers and many other accessories – not to mention a large variety of toys too.

Essential Med boasts incredible maternity cover that will perfectly cater for your needs during pregnancy. You will be paid out up to R35 000 for the birth of your child, while day-to-day cover allows for access to various specialists during your pregnancy.

The flexibility of cover from Essential Med also means that you can structure the package to perfectly suit your needs and budget. Structuring a plan for you, your spouse and your children can be highly beneficial and give you complete peace of mind when it comes to your family’s medical needs going forward.

Never wait until it’s too late. Check out our pregnancy cover today – you’ll thank us later.