Want to know what the secret is to living a healthy lifestyle? Wonder no more! Today we look at the most important aspect of healthy living.


Stress is a killer in our society accounting for 60-80% of our doctor’s visits. But stress isn’t the problem. Because we can’t control the stress. What we can control is our reaction to it.

Practice stress management. We recommend meditation. It goes like this: concentrate on your breath and on the inhales think, “I Am.” and on the exhales think, “at peace.” And repeat over and over. It’s that simple. And if other thoughts intrude, just dismiss them without judgment and return to “I am…at peace.”

This stops the fight or flight response, slows our heart and respiratory rate, helps brain function, digestion, sexual response and even slows the genetic effect of aging if practiced enough. It puts us into the present moment and stops our response to the stress. It doesn’t make the line at the bank move any quicker, but it fixes our reaction to it and that’s all we can control.

Stress management is one of the biggest issues of health today and this simple technique is one of the answers.