All parents will recall, with mixed feelings, our child’s first day of preschool or primary school. Knowing that this day is the first in a new chapter of their young lives fill us with pride and joy, yet having our apron strings cut, leaves us a little anxious and sad.


Once their tears dry and the trepidation turns to excitement, they let your hand go a little quicker, their hugs squeeze a little less and their goodbyes are shouted at pace as they skip to the welcoming giggles and chatter of their new-found friends. Little did we know that the same hands grabbing our child’s to pull them enthusiastically to the jungle gym and the same happy whispers into our child’s ear welcome our child to a germ fest of snotty noses and runny tummies.

We soon realise that the minor colds, tummy bugs, scraps and bruises are less serious than the resultant doctor and pharmacy bills. Those who chose to cover these unexpected and unwelcome costs with their personal savings due to the formidable cost of traditional medical aids soon realise that the financial burden is more than most can anticipate. And those forking out ever-increasing monthly premiums for medical aid often wake up midyear to a depleted savings account.

In the face of medical aids’ current annual increases and reduced benefits members are frustrated and exasperated. Angry enough to tackle the medical aid giants in the public arena by launching Facebook pages and approaching media to make their argument heard.

“While this David and Goliath story has us intrigued, we are more convinced now than ever before that our day-to-day product is the ideal solution to families unable to afford medical aid and the perfect complementary product for those with medical aids,” says Danie Kok, director of Essential Med.

Essential Med’s day-to-day benefit provides for out-of-hospital costs giving policyholders unlimited access to GP consultations, medication (chronic and acute included), referred pathology and radiology as well as limited dentist and optometry consultations and associated costs. These services are provided through the Care Cross network of more than 3000 health professionals nationwide and no shortfall or co-payment is required.

For as little as R605 per month for a family of three, Essential Med’s day-to-day benefit covers GP consultations and procedures and basic, acute and chronic medication allowing medical aid members to reserve their savings for specialist consultations and procedures.

For families who can’t afford medical aid and currently rely on public healthcare, Essential Med is an affordable option giving them access to quality private healthcare at a monthly rate that’s easy on the pocket.

“Essential Med is a health insurance and does not offer the same scope of benefits as a medical aid, however our day-to-day product is ideal for a growing family with growing children, especially in the face of growing medical aid costs,” concludes Danie Kok.