Good rituals are essential to our emotional, psychological, and spiritual health, to reconnect us to the sacred aspects of our lives as we have lost much of our connection to the earth, to spirit, to nature’s cycle and to our own cycle.


Everyone has their own rituals to starting a new day, whether it’s coffee first or a shower, waking everyone else up or even making breakfast first. Most of us tend to follow the same ritual each morning.

Welcome the day: Before getting out of bed, lie quietly for a few minutes and say a word of thanks for this new day and for the gift of life. Get up and stand in front of the mirror, smile at yourself and tell yourself that this will be a good day and that you will tackle any challenges with ease. This will put your mind into a positive frame and prepare your entire body for whatever stresses lie ahead.

Share the meal: Have a weekly family dinner. Every member of the family should be in charge of contributing something. Set the table with the favorite table decorations, light a candle before eating. Hold hands and acknowledge the gifts in your life, give thanks for how lucky you are to be eating such delicious and nourishing food. Make conversation and bond with your family. When the meal is finished, blow out the candle.

Appreciation: Offering gratitude is a way to open yourself up to giving and receiving more blessings. Make this ritual a part of each day. You need to value and honor those you love, including yourself.

Sleep well: This is when you drop your defenses and become vulnerable and ease into a state of physical and mental relaxation. Let go of all the daytime anxiety and concerns and think about all the positive things that happened during the day.

You need to reconnect with yourself and value, appreciate and be thankful for the things and people in your life and how blessed you are.