#BeTheHero: Make Your Health a Priority
                                This Movember

EssentialMED supports this global movement and encourages all South Africans to take part in whatever way they can - be it growing a moustache, moving for Movember or hosting a fundraising event. We also encourage men to #BeTheHero in their own lives by taking care of their health.

Did you know that one in every 17 men will be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in their lifetime? Prostate Cancer is the most common male cancer globally and locally. Initially, men might not display any symptoms, but these can develop later and encompass frequent passing of urine, especially at night; difficulty starting or stopping urination; weak or interrupted urinary stream; a painful or burning sensation during urination or ejaculation; and blood in urine or semen. With risk factors including being overweight and certain dietary factors, men can potentially lower their risk by eating a healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables, maintaining a healthy weight and limiting red meat as well as high fat dairy products. Men should also be getting Digital Rectal Exams annually from the age of 50 to check for any prostate lumps or abnormalities.

Testicular Cancer is another of the big five cancers affecting South African men, with one in 1,435 men at risk of being diagnosed with the disease during their lifetime. The good news is that there is a 95% survival rate. Be sure to do testicular self-examinations each month, preferably after a bath or shower, to feel for any pea-sized lumps that could indicate Testicular Cancer. With Testicular Cancer being common among men aged 15 to 49, it is encouraged that young men start self-examinations soon after puberty. Unfortunately, there is no known way to prevent Testicular Cancer, which is why doing this is crucial for early detection.

In South Africa, men are five times more likely to die by suicide than women. What’s more, 14 to 18 men die this way daily in our country. It is believed that suicide mortality is higher among men than women because women are more likely to report suicidal thoughts before acting on them. EssentialMED urges men to speak up when these thoughts occur. If you feel you can’t talk to your friends or family, please do chat to your doctor – they are here to help. You can also contact EssentialMED anytime on 0861 911 011 for advice, general information or just to share about how you are feeling.

Go on! #BeThehero! We’re here to support you in caring for your health this Movember and every other month.

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