Feeling a hard-pressed to part with those oversized jerseys? Since we can’t hide the effect of winter couch-sitting sessions forever, here are some fun ways to shape up for summer…


Weekend soccer

Gather friends and family for casual soccer matches. A Danish study found that playing soccer burns more calories, builds more muscle and doesn’t feel as tiring as jogging. It’s also a super way to spend time with the kids!

Skinny fidget

Growing up we were told not to fidget. Well it’s a great time to start again because fidgeting can help burn up to 350 calories a day!

Tap your foot to a tune, walk to co-workers’ desks instead of emailing them and stand up and step from side to side when talking on the phone. It’s all about looking for little ways to move more throughout the day.

Start with bang!

According to a study by the College of New Jersey, working out harder in the first part of workout, and taking it easier during the second half, burns up to 23% more fat than if you eased into your workout slowly.

Walk this way

Keep it simple and slip on your walking shoes for a trot around the block. Walking is a low cost, low impact way to work out. Try walking briskly for 30 minutes most days of the week in order to benefit. There’s no reason to plod along – with friends and family, take the dog along, or walk through local parks and along seaside promenades where you can enjoy the scenery.

Whatever exercise you choose, make sure it’s fun and you’ll be more likely stick to it! And remember, if you haven’t exercised in a while or have health conditions, talk to a healthcare practitioner before embarking on a fitness regime.

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Source: Health.com