Anti-aging supplements are an essential part of life extension because an anti-aging diet is just not enough. Anti-aging foods don’t contain all of the micronutrients that your body needs and the fact that most of the nutrients are lost during the cooking process, natural supplements are needed to work with a diet to reverse aging and rejuvenation.


Anti-aging lotions and creams is not the only way to get youthful and more vibrant skin, there are many natural anti-aging supplements that will combat aging and rejuvenate skin.

  • L-Carnosine: A natural occurring bonded amino acid compound that’s taken in a pill form.
  • Vitamin D: This is used to rejuvenate the skin.
  • CoQ10: This is a powerful antioxidant and aids the blood circulation in the body, increases oxygen in the tissues of the body and strengthens the immune system.
  • Calcium: Keeps the skin young and supple.
  • Telomerase: Increases the length of telomere (these are the tips of the chromosomes which shrink in size as the cell divides.) The longer the telomere, the longer a person will live.
  • Probiotic: These are beneficial bacteria that reside in the digestive tract and keep the body clean. Cleaner skin leads to younger skin.
  • Omega 3 fish oil: This makes skin more supple, youthful and radiant, naturally treats arthritis and forms of inflammation.
  • Alpha-lipoic acid: This antioxidant is fat soluble and water soluble and controls the levels of glucose in the body. Lowers high sugar levels and fights free radicals.
  • Flax seeds: This gives you healthy looking and rejuvenated skin and overall superior quality of health.
  • Chlorella: This is a great anti-aging food. Chlorella is a single, water grown algae which is high in chlorophyll, amino acids, cholesterol, large amounts of protein, minerals, vitamin C, E, B and A.
  • Here are more anti-aging supplements to incorporate into your natural anti-aging regimen:
  • Magnesium
  • Muscle building supplements
  • Prostate supplements
  • Vitamin B12
  • Folic acid
  • Probiotic supplements
  • Blue green algae and green algae
  • Royal jelly
  • Natural cholesterol supplements.

Anti-aging skincare should always include anti-aging supplements because the skin is dependent upon the micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals or phytonutrients) to rebuild collagen, maintain moisture, and reverse aging by reducing or eliminating wrinkles from the inside as well as the outside.

The benefits of anti-aging supplements combined with anti-aging foods are endless.

Since today’s fruits and vegetables are so genetically different from those that were around 100 years ago, we need natural supplements to “fill in the blanks” where the foods are lacking.

Anti-aging supplements are essential to help achieve life extension and reverse aging. They are among the greatest anti-aging secrets currently known to mankind.