Your family is the most important thing in your life. No matter how much you enjoy your job, no matter how much you like watching or playing sports, your family always comes first. They’re the people you care most about in the world. You’d do anything for them. Which is why you need to protect them.

There are many threats out there and you can’t control most of them. You can’t protect your partner from being involved in a car accident and you can’t protect your child from being teased at school. But there are things you can do to protect them from these four things and you should do your best to do so.

Ill health

Sure, children become ill. They may catch a cold or the flu at school and you can’t stop that from happening. But you can ensure their immune systems are as strong as they can be. You’re the one who decides what they eat and you create the rules around how they spend their free time. Which means you need to ensure they consume a healthy diet and receive all the vitamins and minerals their bodies need to remain healthy. Sure, you may allow them junk food once a week but their daily meals need to be balanced. And you should insist that they exercise regularly. Encourage them to join a sports team at school or take them on hikes and runs on the weekend. These are the things that will help their bodies fight ill health.

Medical expenses

If you fall ill and have to spend a long period of time in hospital, you need to ensure that you don’t leave your partner with a costly bill. If you share your incomes, your medical expenses become their expenses. And it becomes even worse if your children are hospitalised as the stress of worrying about them is added to when you have to think about how you’re going to pay the bills. Which is why it’s so important you have some kind of medical cover in case of an unexpected emergency. You should look up the difference between hospital cover and medical insurance, find a policy that suits you and your family and ensure you make your payments every month. It’s well worth the small monthly expense for the peace of mind you receive.

Financial difficulties

Financial difficulties can put a lot of strain on a family. It not only puts pressure on you and your partner but it’s also likely that your children will pick up on the stress as well. You need to be able to provide for your family and you can’t do that properly when you’re facing financial difficulties. You may still be able to put food on the table but you won’t be able to put aside money in an emergency fund or save for your children’s tertiary education. It’s important that you and your partner keep your family financially stable. You can do this by budgeting properly, planning for the unexpected and doing away with unnecessary purchases or expenses.

Feeling unsafe

You want your family to feel safe at all times. And this starts at home. You should ensure your home is secure and there are safety measures put in place to prevent intrusions. Put up visible burglar bars so your house doesn’t appear to be an easy target. You should also invest in a good alarm system and use it regularly. It doesn’t matter how nice your neighbourhood is, there are criminals everywhere and you should be wary of them. It’s your duty to make your family feel safe.

Life is unfortunately filled with things you cannot protect your family from. Which is why it’s so important that you do whatever you can to protect them from things that are within your control.