Many people believe they don’t need hospital insurance in South Africa. They think they’re in good health now, they’ve never been particularly sickly, and illnesses and disease don’t run in their family. So, they think they’ll never need hospitalisation. They think it’s an unnecessary expense because they’ll never use it.

But, the thing is, you never know what may land you in hospital. It’s not only about falling ill or needing an operation. It’s about peace of mind because accidents happen. You can’t predict the future and you never know what tomorrow will bring. Here are three things you can’t avoid or predict that will land you in hospital.

Car accident

One minute you could be driving peacefully down the road. You’re going the speed limit and have both hands on the wheel. Your car is in perfect condition and you’re a great driver. The next minute, however, another car runs a red light because the driver is sending a text or has had a few drinks, and crashes into the side of your car. You’re forced off the road and your car rolls. The other driver is perfectly fine but you’re badly injured and you need immediate medical attention. One moment you’re in perfect health and the next you’re covered in blood and can’t move your legs. It’s not something people often think about but it happens all the time and there’s no guarantee that it won’t happen to you.


One missed step and you could fall down a flight of stairs and have a head injury. One slip of the hand and you could smash a tumbler on the floor and end up walking over shards of glass and receiving deep cuts. One moment of forgetting what you’re doing and you could slice open your hand while preparing dinner. Anything can happen in an instant and you might require immediate medical attention.

And if you work with heavy machinery or basically any mechanical equipment at all, you could receive an injury in the blink of an eye. And then you’ll want to be treated as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage.

Physical assault

Crime is something we do have to worry about in this country. It happens to many people every day. You could be walking down the street in the evening while it’s still light and a robber could pull a knife on you. And, if you don’t have what they want, you could end up with a stab wound. Or perhaps you’re assaulted during a hijacking and are left wounded on the side of the road. No matter how many safety precautions you take, it could happen to you.

Of course, there are many other ways you could land up in hospital without being ill or having a disease. But these are just three of the things that happen on a regular basis. And if one of them happens, you’ll want the best possible medical care, which is what hospital insurance offers you.