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Affordable Health Insurance

What Will You Get From Essential Med?

Essential Med specializes in Health Care Cover and our products are designed to suit your need and pocket.

View our product offerings below:


Day to Day Cover

Colds, flu, tummy bugs, allergies, routine health checks and more, these out-of-hospital medical requirements are taken care of with unlimited access to a network of more than 3000 health practitioners nationwide.

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hospital plan cover

Hospital Plan Cover

An Essential Med Hospital Plan Cover protects you and your family against unforeseen medical costs relating to hospitalisation by providing you with a daily cash benefit for every day you spend in hospital in the event of an accident or this is however not for a period shorter than 24 hours.

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comprehensive cover

Comprehensive Cover

Essential Med Comprehensive Cover is the best way to enjoy both day to day cover benefits and a hospital plan cover benefits. Choose between our three policy options that suit your budget and needs.

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Student Protector

Studies are stressful enough without having to worry about medical cover! Let Essential Meds Student Protector take care of your medical bills, get up to 5 GP visits per year, medication, tooth cleaning and polishing, hospital cover for motor vehicle accidents and illness!

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55 Plus Cover

Struggling to find medical cover when you are over 55? Look no further! Essential Meds 55 Plus 4 U policy offers both day to day benefits as well as hospital cover to those over the age of 55. Get doctors visits, dentistry, glasses, illness hospitalisation and a death benefit for your loved ones if you pass.

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Group Cover

If you work in a company with 10 or more staff then have your company sign on to Essential Med, discounts for groups of 10 and more!

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What Benefits Does Essential Med Offer?

Essential Med ensures that you get the best experience and has a range of benefits available.

View our product offerings below:


Day to Day Cover Benefits

doctors visitsDoctors Visits
When you visit one of our network-registered General Practitioner, your Doctor will prescribe medication according to the Essential Doctor medicine formulary.

specialist visitsSpecialist Visits
These benefit the respective members to R500 towards a specialist for a single member per year and up to the value of R1000 for a family per year.

acute & chronic medicationAcute & Chronic Medication
Acute and chronic medication linked to a network-registered GP consultation is covered. Acute and chronic medication is subject to the acute and chronic medication formulary.

basic dentistryBasic Dentistry
Basic dentistry includes consultation and procedures as well as cleaning, pain control, fillings and normal extractions. These services must be obtained by a network-registered dentist.

Optometry benefits includes eye test per beneficiary and free lenses and frames every 24 months. Services must be obtained by a network-registered optometrist.

Radiology benefits include black and white X-rays and these benefits are included when referred by a network-registered GP according to a list of approved codes from the radiology formulary.

These benefits are included when referred by a network-registered GP according to a list of approved codes on the pathology formulary.



Hospital Plan Cover Benefits

illness hospitilizationIllness Hospitalisation
Cover includes illness hospitalisation per 24 hours spent in hospital irrespective of procedure, medication or consultation fees. Maximum of 21 days per illness per beneficiary

maternity hospitilizationMaternity Hopitalisation
Cover includes maternity hospitalisation per 24 hours spent in hospital for the delivery irrespective of procedure, medication or consultation fees. Maximum of 21 days.

permanent disability benefitPermanent Disability Benefit
Permanent disability benefit is only available due to accident permanent disability. Death Benefit cover up to R15 000 for the principal member.

accident hospitilizationAccident Hospitalisation
In-hospital expenses paid in increments for R200 for every R190 of expenses. Provision to multiple claims.

dread diseaseDread Disease
In-hospital expenses covered for treatment covering: heart attack, coronary heart disease, stroke, brain tumour, cancer, kidney failure, major organ transplant, paraplegia and blindness.

emergency rooms / casualty visitsEmergency Rooms / Casualty Visits
Emergency room or casual visit benefits are available to you due to accidents.

death benefitDeath Benefit
Death benefit to principal holder is available to varying degrees depending on the Essential Med policy hospitalization option that has been taken.



See Our Policy Plans & Pricing


Essential Med offers a range of medical and healthcare insurance policies ensuring there is an option suitable to your unique and varied needs.

View our product offerings below:


Day to Day Cover
From R 359 per month
GP Visits
Emergency/Casualty Visits
Maternity Benefits
Chronic / Acute Medication
Radiology & Pathology
Hospital Cover
From R 311 per month
Illness Hospitilization
Maternity Hospitilization
Permanent Disability Benefit
Accident Hospitilization
Dread Disease
Emergency/Casualty Visits
Death Benefit
Comprehensive Cover
From R 465 per month
In & Out of Hospital Visits
Emergency/Casualty Visits
Accident Hospitilization
Permanent Disability Benefit
Radiology & Pathology
Dread Disease
Death Benefit

Do you have any questions regarding our Policy Plans & Pricing? We'd love to hear from you! Contact Us.